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Founded in 1953, Fu Sheng Machinery Division has grown to become the largest air compressor manufacturer in Taiwan and China. We offer a full line of air compressors, screw refrigerant compressors and air dryers. The continuous task of improving our compressors leads to enhanced product performance and market competitiveness. We utilize the latest in design and manufacturing technologies, including 3D CAD/CAM, diversified automation and flexible manufacturing systems. For 40 years, our compressors have been used in various industries, thus becoming one of the forces behind Taiwan’s economic miracle.

Since our first reciprocating air compressor in 1953, we have expanded design and production to include a complete line of reciprocating and screw air compressors. We have heavy-duty air-cooled compressors ranging in sizes from 0.25hp to 15hp, water-cooled compressors in sizes up to 400hp, oil-free compressors in sizes up to 300hp, oil-injection screw compressors up to 600hp and centrifugal air compressors in sizes up to 3500hp. Please see our product summary page.


bulletReciprocating air compressors (air-cooled, water-cooled, oil-lubricated and oil-free)
bulletOil-lubricated twin-screw air compressors
bulletWater-lubricated single-screw oil-less air compressors
bulletCentrifugal air compressors
bulletRefrigerated air dryers
bulletScrew refrigerant compressors
bulletCentrifugal refrigerant compressors


bulletTurn-key projects for compressed air purification system
bulletAfter-sales service
bulletImported equipments

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